Scar Vol. 1

Dr. Alice Drake is literally a mad scientist. She will do anything to repair her sisters scarred face, even if murder is on the menu.

Alice loves nothing more than her sister Julia. They we're conjoined twins at birth. The procedure that separated them only cut throught the physical bonds. The psychic scars that were left behind has left both of them functionally insane.

A colleague, Frank is re-animating dead soldiers for the government. He gets pulled into a celebrity face theft and things really start to go upside down.

This book is a wild ride through murder, mayhem, surgical gore and Lovecraftian sexual depravity. Be sure and glove up before you crack open the covers on this one. -more-

Origami Moon Vol. 1

Set in 2071, Origami Moon is a dark future manga, set in an alternative history where Japan won the war in the Pacific. San Francisco is a Japanese Imperial town. Our hero, Wren, was born to Japanese American parents and is a typical anti hero.

In a parallel timeline, where the US won the war in the Pacific, trouble is brewing. A brilliant scientist has discovered a way to alter people so that they can travel between parallel timelines. Her boss, the man in charge of protecting the US from threats, is pushing for a preemptive strike against Wren's timeline. The scientist is appalled by the thought of an unjustified war and seeks to find a way to stop him. She finds Wren and alters him so that he can travel through time.

Now Wren must learn the ways of time travel to save his timeline and countless others. -more-

Babylon Vol. 1 - From the Origami Moon Universe

Babylon, a faithful Yakuza family hit man is going to take the fall for a hit he made which turned out to be a politically bad move for the family. Now the hit is out on him. Insted of blowing him up remotely, the head of the family gives him a chance of survival. Rashid, another killer is sent after Babylon to take him down by dual.

Babylon defeats Rashid, but is left half dead. A clandestine surgical unit patches him together over the course of several months. When they bring him out of his coma, Babylon realizes that he is ronin, a killer without a master.

Fate set him on the path to being a pawn and then a player in a battle between parallel times. -more-

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