RAVEN was born from the heart of a star and an old sketchbook found in under Hachiko, the dog at Shibuya station. He burrowed deep in the earth for a few years to grow in strength and myth. Then he emerged at a warehouse rave near the Tokyo docks. He shook a tail feather and issued a mighty "CRAW".

RAVEN read all the manga he could find, and found that he wanted something more. He read all the western comix he could find and still he wanted something different. He hung his head and thought about burrowing back into the earth, never to return.

Then he saw. He saw a vision of a new kind of graphic novel, strong in visual storytelling, like manga and strong in art and design like western comix, with stories of staggering imagination and scope.

So RAVEN invented Japanican Graphic Novels. And we humble humans set about to realize his vision.

You're MAD cried the Americans - there's nothing like it.

You're MAD cried the Japanese - that's not traditional.

The Europeans shrugged in a very cool way and said, show us.

At RAVEN we don't give a dam about what has been done before. We stand for innovation and the future of the graphic novel. We stand for authentic expression and will not tolerate a paint by numbers mentality. We will dare to reinvent comix in any crazy way we can imagine.

You can count on that.


The boss. Kumicho never sleeps. He drinks tiny Italian espressos all day long. At night he rides the all night bus lines looking for insane inhabatants of the city to argue with.

He loves living in Tokyo, London, Paris and LA. In order to fufill his craving for these cities he racks up more travel miles than a pilot.

Kumicho is obsessed with telling fresh, out of the box stories. If you don't like his shit, don't tell him, you might wake up with a horse head in your bed, rather write your own book and send it to him.

REMO Camero -

The photo. Remo is never found with any less than four cameras around his neck at one time. This complicates his sleep where he has been known to strangle himself with his camera straps. A producer watches over him every night to insure that he lives a good while longer.

Remo is a filmmaker, a photographer, a designer and is too damn creative for his own good. Be sure and check out his book Graffiti Japan.

RAFAL Gosieniecki (go-shen-yet-ski) -

The character. Raf is obsessed with Tokyo and in the past he has even stooped to the low level of enrolling in a comic book university to get a visa. Unfortunately he graduated with a masters degree. We are ashamed.

Now he has a day job as one of the hottest character/concept/gameplay designers in the games industry. Raf does all of our character design and concept design. So blame him for anything you don't like.

HISA Emura -

The den mother. Hisa has the dubious duty of keeping us all out of trouble. She has befrended bouncers all over Tokyo, Rome and London to keep an eye out for everyone.

Her rolodex includes bail bondsmen in most major countries. Give her a call if you ever need to get out of jail.


The designer. Take is a street thug turned desinger. He is the designer of the RAVEN logo and the one who helps us collect on the loans we give to aspiring comic artists. He's a bit heavy on the use of a basball bat - his nodd to American gangsters, but we find him very effective.

Take hopes to take over the company one day but he'll have to take out Kunicho to do it.


The comic artist. Lou is the one of the ones who actually do the work of making graphic novels. She is a powerful otaku, never leaving her drawing board. We heard that she went outside once last year. Evidently she mistook the front door for her bathroom door and steped out into the day light.

Lou is better in the night, that why she sleeps days. That and she can't seem to make sense of clocks anyway.

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